Leah's Brutal Bottom Blistering

Please don't try this at home!!

Leah wanted to fulfill her fantasy.
She wanted to be spanked until she was crying real tears,
no matter what she said or did,
regardless of the condition of her bottom!

This was all Leah's idea.
We would never ask anyone to be tortured like this!

Leah got exactly what she wanted!!

First, she was spanked over-the-knee by hand, hairbrush,
and several other implements,
until she was BEGGING for mercy,
and kicking and wiggling uncontrollably!

Her bottom was already badly blistered,
and some of her skin was beaten right off!!

Then she was tied to a bench,
and spanked some more!

By the time her spanking finally ended,
she was bawling like a baby, and you can see her tears
dripping onto the floor!

Lots of kicking, screaming, bruises, blisters, begging,

You might never see anything like this ever again!!

A truly remarkable one-of-a-kind spanking video!!!

Running time: 64 minutes